Pegaso is a young brand born only in 2017, but with a wealth of decades of experience.

AF Group SRL, a dynamic company that owns and produces the prestigious Audio Analogue brand, has decided to use the know-how acquired in the design, production and marketing of solid state electronics, to start, also thanks to the collaboration with designers specialized in the creation of tube electronics, a new chapter in its history, testing itself in a new difficult challenge, keeping the goal of proposing reference electronics even if with a different technology than what has been achieved so far.

The warm and involving sound of vacuum tubes and the highly technological and sophisticated design philosophy of those who regularly produce solid state electronics, create Pegaso, a perfect union between tradition and progress.
But why Pegaso? The figure of this beautiful mythological animal has ancient origins and was adopted as a symbol of Tuscany, the land of origin of our electronics, where they are thought, designed and built. The symbolic meaning of the pegasus is to match the vitality and strength of the horse, to the ability to fly and therefore to free itself from the weight of gravity and this can be considered, in metaphorical form, what we want to obtain from our electronics: a sound of great character, precise and dynamic, but rich in nuances, “light” and pleasant to listen.

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