Pegaso products: thought, designed and manufactured in Italy.

Pegaso products, are and will always be realized with tubes, thought, designed and manufactured in Italy. Many of the parts used in our electronics are custom made under our specifications by local suppliers in order to facilitate the supply of parts and also have the ability to closely follow the supply chain, ensuring quality and reliability over time.


P50A | Tube integrated amplifier

The first Pegaso product is P50A, a 50W amplifier in class A with push-pull configuration and fully balanced circuit.

The circuit design is very simple: the preamp section is limited to the inputs selection and volume control, while the power amplifier stage is made of 4 x 6922 and 4 x KT90. The components are carefully selected as for reliability (the components chosen are all long-life at high temperature in order to guarantee reliability) as for the sound performance thanks to the choice of audiograde components in key points.




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Nuovo rivenditore Audio Analogue, Pegaso, Airtech e BCD a TriesteCostruire Audio è rivenditore ufficiale Audio Analogue!

prenotate la vostra seduta di ascolto!

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Puccini ( amplificatore Integrato )
Donizetti + Bellini ( Pre e Finale)
Pegaso A50 ( Integrato valvolare classe A)
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Nuovo rivenditore Audio Analogue, Pegaso, Airtech e BCD a Trieste


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Beautiful, very nice design!

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Audio Analogue
6 e 7 Aprile 2019

Milano hi-fidelity 2019

AF Group SRL presenta i propri marchi Audio Analogue, Pegaso e Airtech in colleborazione con Esse Quadro Speakers.

Suite 117
Melià Hotel di via Masaccio 19 Milano

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